Prosthetic dentistry

Hard tooth tissue damage during a large scale, as well as the total or partial loss, can’t be completed with the therapeutic  treatment measures, we need referring to orthopedic manipulation.
Removable orthopedic constructions (prosthesis): complete removable prostheses - a complete loss of teeth, or removable partial prosthesis- when one or several tooth. There is a solid (plastic), and  flexible (silicone, nylon) prosthesis, which is better adapted to the patient and easy to use.

While choosing a tape and design of prosthesis, Doctors’ advice and objective research is required.

Removable orthopedic constructions.
Metal-ceramic crowns, is the metal frame (cobalt chromium), which is covered with porcelain. During pre-production of the crown, desired color and shape is selected by the doctor orthopedist with patient preference. Ceramic-metal crowns allow us to get natural tooth color and shape effects.
Zirconium ceramic crowns, metal-ceramic material is further improved aesthetic qualities, which is due to zinc oxide metal replacement. Determination is equal to the metal - ceramic constructions.

Zirconium dioxide - E.Max- # 1 of restorative material, which is very solid and bioadapted with tooth material and tooth hard tissues needs a minimum preparing, has a high resistance and ideal aesthetic qualities. The use is diverse: veneers, crowns bridges and implant crowns.